Confederate Logo by Epicmarkvan, Revised by Flutters

The Sol Confederacy was the first main faction of the Uprising universe to be formed. It is the current Unified Earth Government.

The Confederacy currently sustains no colonies within the Mirak star-system.


In 3017, humans perfected intergalactic travel, and the idea was proposed to the United Nations that Earth began colonizing and expanding.

There was some debate as to how this mass colonization was to occur with the many different governments around the world. It was eventually decided in late 3018 that all major and recognized minor governments would merge into one, later becoming the Sol Confederacy.

Several fleets were sent to different galaxies. The only one to return a signal other than a distress signal was the one that had gone to the Mirak star-system.

The Confederacy had only established one colony within the system, on the planet Rykon, but it had disappeared.

As of now, the Confederacy sustains itself on massive ships.

Colonies within the Mirak star-system


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