Terran planet by joeshmoe59697-d4tes55

Picture of a terran planet we found on google. All credits to artist.

Euralia is the third planet from the star Mirak, and serves as the capital planet for the United Euralian Directorate . It is a Terran planet, with mostly militant inhabitants. 

Euralia is larger than Earth by 15,666km (giving it a diameter of 28,422km), and is estimated to be about 3.9 billion years old. Euralia's terrian is comprised largely of forests, with snowy forest areas as you move farther south and north. 

The small amount of ordinary civilians (which only make up about 23% of the overall population),a lot of which are high class, the military body on the planet, and the United Euralian government are required to speak English, making the official language of the planet English.

There are only five cities containing civilians. The population of all five cities (excluding guards) is about 1,665,332,908.

Certain resources required for the empire's energy-based weapons were discovered within the planet, as such the government permitted that these resource be extracted and processed for use in the weapons, but both processes will be heavily regulated as to do as little harm to the planet's natural beauty as possible. 

Part of these regulations includes confinement of the industry. As a result, the industry remains in the city of Vorin. The city houses a majority of the working class on Euralia, but there remains a sizable amount of upper-class citizens. 

Presently, the planet sees no conflict.


Prior to the 29th Battle group's arrival

Before the rebellious 29th Battlegroup escaped to Euralia, it is assumed that it was uninhabited. There was no sign of intelligent life beyond animals. 

After the formation of the Directorate

After the formation of the United Euralian Directorate, a majority of the land was untouched. Only eight cities were established on the whole planet. Only five contain citizens, who are forbidden to touch, let alone harm, the wilderness beyond the walls. The other three are for government employees only, and are built in a way that it does not completely interfere with the nature of the world. 

Bases and outposts are built to blend in with the environment, and take care not to completely harm the environment.


Euralia has managed to never see combat, and takes to steps to avoid being attacked. There are multiple orbital command stations, taking care to spot potential threats. A majority of defense measures are in orbit, while few are hidden within the forests of the planet.

While the planet is a major powerhouse for the Directorate, a lot of it's operations are done under the cover of the forests.