Von Buran
Fredrich Von Buron
Biographical information



Date of birth

February 9, 3046

Date of death


Physical and combat information




1.80 Meters (5 feet 11 inches)


80.5 kilograms (177.5 lbs)

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information




United Euralian Directorate Fleet Admiral (Formally)

Chancellor of Sonnen ( Before political Reform)

Ascendancy Grand Admiral (Present)



Fredrich Von Buron, you are sentenced to exile

–Unknown, Von Buron's trial

Fredrich Von Buron is a former Fleet Admiral for the United Euralian Directorate, and the current leader of the Ascendancy.


Early Life

Von Buron was born on Euralia , the capital of of the United Euralian Directorate . He was part of the small percentage of low class citizens on the planet, giving him less access to the basic services on Euralia that an average citizen would have (such as medical services). Illness was common among the poor, and that unfortunate fact made itself obvious to Fredrich when an unnamed disease took all of his family, but spared him, when he was fourteen.

From then on, he was determined to go into the Defence Force (the military branch of the United Euralian empire. However, given his age and less than ideal health, he was denied entry.

Military Life

As a Subordinate

In 3066, Fredrich was accepted into the Euralian military through a close friend of his who recommended him. Immediately upon arrival at the base he was assigned to, he could tell that military life under the directorate was not as glamorous as the propaganda made it seem; mistakes were not tolerated in the slightest, you'd have to be quick on your feet.

Luckily for Von Buron, some of these requirements were all he had for a number of years, and with that, he quickly rose through the U.E.D.F ranks.  At age 32, twelve years after his enlistment, Fredrich was on his way to a military academy that trained officers in Euralia. 

Training to be an Officer

As Von Buron went through his officer training program, he began to conjure up in his mind ideas of how corrupt the Euralian empire really was.  

As a Fleet Admiral

At age 42, Von Buron was given the rank of 'Fleet Admiral' and was given ship the U.E.D.F Herald of Dawn due to his outstanding service and clear military genious. Attempting to shake his thoughts of how the U.E.D is corrupt, he led a ruthless campaign against the empire's enemies, especially the Confederacy.

Loss of his fleet, his trial, and the formation of the Ascendancy.