Terren planet 1 by killabc-d5fm5ov

Picture of a Terran planet we found on google. All rights to the owner.

Marconia is the eight planet from the star Mirak, and is merely a civilian colony for the United Euralian Direcotrate. It is a Terran planet, with mostly civilian inhabitants.

Marconia is smaller than Earth by 2,324km (giving it a diameter of 10,418km), and is estimated to be 4.51 billion years old. Marconia's terrain is similar to that of Earth's, but its land is seperated into nine continents.

The official language of the planet is French, through majority.

Presently, the planet sees no conflict



Marconia was discovered by a group of miners that could not make it to the Optera Mining Facility that was founded that same year in 3072. These miners reported their discovery back to the government, which sent colony ships to the planet.


In 3084, the Ascendancy, made up from the recently dissolved Nation of Sonnen invaded the Marconia colony, due to it's weak military presence (in comparison to the other Euralian Colonies) and its distance from Sonnen.

This invasion failed, as the Ascendancy's strategy assumed that sending a light offensive force without any heavy support would be enough to overwhelm the local authorities and seize an easy victory. However, this was a fatal assumption and the elite police force that the colony was equipped with was able to successfully defend the planet from the invasion. 

Immediately following the Ascendancy's retreat, the Directorate was notified. 


The planet has since rebuilt all that was lost, improved its defenses, and presently sees no conflict.