Sonnen, prior to 3085.

Sonnen is the ninth planet from the Mirak star, and serves as the current Headquarters for the Ascendancy. Sonnen is a terran planet that had a large civilian population. 

In 3085, Sonnen was heavily bombarded by the United Euralian Directorate with nine neutron bombs in response to the Ascendancy's failed invasion on Marconia.

Sonnen is 4,367km larger than Earth (giving it a diameter of 17,109km), and is estimated to be 3.2 billion years old. As of 3085, a large amount of the visibile ground consists of ash, with many craters in the land.

The atmosphere has always been radioactive, so the population did not die of radiation, but instead the blast, quakes and damage killed them. However, the sudden spike in radiation caused people to get ill (but not deathly ill), and anomalies formed around the planet.


Nation of Sonnen

Originally, Sonnen was the home to the Nation of Sonnen, an independent civilization that had little to no knowledge of the existence of the United Euralian Directorate's prescence in the system.

The Nation of Sonnen was co-goverened by NOS-0042 Zeta, an Artificial Intelligence developed to keep track of the cities on the planet.

Van Buran's Arrival

Neutron Bombing

Thanks to the actions of Ascendancy leader Admiral Von Buron, Sonnen was neutron bombed nine times in areas with high military influence. The ships responsible was the U.E.D Aristotle and the U.E.D Garrison.

The bombs rapidly decreased the population, and obliterated the breath-taking landscapes that the planet once had.

The planet is presently in conflict.