Overview Edit

If the U.E.D doesn't like it, Odds are the

Aviary has it.

–John Cronin, To Vahl Jorian

The Aviary is a notorious Black Market organization that operates within the Tarsara Galaxy. It's heavily tied into all underground movement in the Galaxy and runs as a financial super power bribing U.E.D officials and supplying a large array of insurrectionists and space pirates with weapons and supplies.

Formation Edit

The Aviary started off as a simple operation on the planet Rykon. It consisted of ten men operating on a very small scale. The organization itself was mainly focused on petty deals with local gangsters and the occasional space pirates. The Aviary would later make contact with Mr Griggs a wealthy business man who would begin to fund the Aviary stimulating it's growth into what it is today.

With Mr Griggs Edit

With Mr Griggs now funding the the organization. The Aviary would now start to see exponential growth, A steady networking of clients and acquisition of other Black markets would assure the Aviary's rise to power. All competition in the surrounding area would either find themselves being either liquidated by the Aviary or seemingly "Disappearing" all together.

Present Day Edit

The Aviary is now a massive Criminal syndicate. The company fronts itself as a deep space mining organization transporting massive amounts of raw materials across the Tarsara Galaxy. The Aviary's true business is a Black market organization that is responsible for arming and funding a multitude of criminal organisations across the Galaxy. The Aviary's best client at this point in time is The Ascendancy rebellion as quoted by "Sparrow" .


The aviary is a secretive organization that prides itself with having access to some of the most dangerous hardware ever created in the Tarsara Galaxy, However the Aviary also deals with the retail of other merchandise like alien artifacts and ships. Aviary representatives forsake any name they would have had previously joining the organization, Typically they are assigned code names in which take after a Bird, however they will always operate under an alias when inside U.E.D controlled worlds.