What is Uprising?

Uprising is an immersive Role-playing framework created by the staff of the Uprising Community. Uprising takes place in the Tarsara Galaxy, in the 31st Century, where three Factions are waging war with each other in a battle for supremacy - the United Euralian Directorate , Ascendancy, and the Confederacy. You, as a player, are thrown into the middle of the conflict, free to live out your life as you see fit. You are given the option of joining one of the three factions, creating your own smaller group, or to live your life alone. Your decisions are mostly autonomous, so bear in mind that everything you do affects your relationships with other characters or other groups.

Something You Should Know

We borrow a lot of content from other wikis or just things we find on google. We don't really have artists or modelers, and we only have a few writers , so we need to find other stuff to support our writing. When we write articles and use pictures, we take no credit for the pictures unless specially noted that someone on our team made it. We do not wish to steal your work, we merely wish to use it as a representation of what we've wrote. 

We are also trying not to rip off from other literary works. If we do accidentally, we apologize.

Thank you.

Flutters (talk) 22:04, June 16, 2014 (UTC)