Wilhelm Australitz
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Date of birth

November 27th, 3043

Date of death


Physical and combat information




1.85 meters (6 foot 1 inches)


75.3 kilograms (166 lbs)

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Chronological and political information


United Euralian Directorate


Field Marshall


Ascendancy Invasion of Marconia and Invasion of Sonnen

Notable facts

  • Leader of the U.E.D.F Army


I pity any man foolish enough to cross the Marshall.

"Sparrow", to Vahll Jorian

Wilhelm Australitz is the leader of the United Euralian Defence Force's Main Division and one of the Autarch's personal advisors.


Early Life

As is typical with most citizens that grow up on Euralia, Wilhem was born to a fairly wealthy, nationalist family. Wilhelm's father served as a colonel in the personal navy of the Autaurch. Predictably, Wilhem also pursued a life in service to the Directorate as his family did. Wilhelm's education, and the education of all children throughout the empire, consisted of military tactics and procedures. 

In 3061, Wilhelm graudated at the top of his class, and was immediately placed in command of a police squad stationed on the fringe world of Marconia (more specifically one of the southern continents of Marconia, where many citizens participate in peaceful rallies that turn violent.)

On Marconia

In 3083 (twenty-two years after his deployment to Marconia), Wilhem was rewarded with the rank of Lieutenant. Wilhem was stationed within the city of Garde, Marconia's capital. There, he was in charge of the massive city's entire defence force.

The following year, the Ascendancy launched an attack on Marconia. Garde was one of the main targets. However, the defence force in Garde, under the command of Wilhem, successfully pushed the Ascendancy troops away from the city.

Rise to Power

Wilhelm did not have enough units under his command to fight the Ascendancy at first, but Wilhelm was able to coordinate many of the city's citizens into an organised Militia that would aid the main police force. 

Wilhelm's victory in Garde were acknowledged by the directorate, and eventually reached the ears of the Autarch. As a result, Wilhelm was secured a quick jump in military power as he went from Lieutenant to General (however, this was quickly changed to Field Marshall, as the standing Field Marshall at the time died soon after.)